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Lightweight Aluminum Expedition Trailers

Following our Mission Statement, Highland Expedition Outfitters has designed and built our all aluminum, lightweight Expedition Trailer to take you to those remote locations you have only dreamed about. Our core values of safety, efficiency and durability go into every trailer we design and manufacture.

Aluminum trailers from Highland Expedition Outfitters require less maintenance, resist rust and have better overall durability than other trailers on the market. The skeletal structure of our Highland Expedition Outfitter trailers is built from tubular aluminum and combined with a double skin construction which gives our trailers superior strength needed to handle the rigors of off-road Overlanding. For more information on the construction of our Expedition trailers, please see our FAQs.



T7 Front Drivers Side Water Gas and propane

Our Features Include

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Independent Suspension Options
  • Lock N Roll 3-Axis Hitch
  • Rear Sliding Cargo Tray
  • 17” of Clear Span Ground Clearance
  • Trail Proven
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • DOT Compliant

Our Commitment

We strive to meet our client’s requirements for their Expedition trailer while following our core values for safety, efficiency and durability. Our clients have driven us to improve our Expedition trailers’ capabilities and challenged our team to make their dream trailer a reality.

HEO Trailer on the road

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