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About The Company

Established in 2013, Highland Expedition Outfitters was born out of a desire to bring high quality, affordable aluminum Expedition trailers to the Overland market. Using HEO’s years of experience, their team is passionate about bringing you an educated approach to vehicle travel and overlanding. With a deep love for camping, Jeff and his team strive to bring you equipment to get you “Ready for Adventure”. All of our trailers are hand-built with attention to detail here in Cosby, TN

HEO Trailer
Jeff Oliver

Jeff Oliver

Owner/Creator of Highland Expedition Outfitters

Drawing from his experiences as a Boy Scout and his employment at Airstream Travel Trailers, Jeff created Highland Expedition Outfitters in 2013 to fill the void of Overland Trailers in the United States and Canada.

Jeff is committed to the Overland Community and builds one of the highest quality aluminum expedition trailers available. Every Highland Expedition Outfitter Trailer is skillfully assembled here in East Tennessee, just outside of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park with the attention for detail and care.